NAF Working Group ArchiMate Usage

The working group ArchiMate Usage of the Netherlands ArchiMate Forum is concerned with the practical use of ArchiMate and its necessary tool support.

The group is active since may 2005 and consists of members from end-user organisations, ICT consultancy organisations, tool vendors and education/science organisations.

The main goals of this working group are:
• To exchange good practices about the usage of ArchiMate concepts and viewpoints
• To make available these good practices within the ArchiMate community
• To propose improvements on the ArchiMate language (which will result in changes in the ArchiMate Reference Manual)
• To propose improvements and extensions on ArchiMate viewpoints
• To propose useful functionality for tools supporting ArchiMate.

This has resulted in the following deliverables:
• A booklet 'ArchiMate Made Practical' with good practices, in which frequently asked questions concerning ArchiMate are discussed and answered
• A list of proposed improvements on the ArchiMate Reference Manual and ArchiMate Viewpoints

The group holds regular meetings to exchange knowledge and experiences, and collects good practices on applying ArchiMate. More information on the meetings and results of the group will follow shortly.

For more information on the activities of the working group please send your mail to Harmen van den Berg and Egon Willemsz.